Zprotect goes beyond traditional obfuscation methods. In addition to renaming your metadata entities, it also supports advanced obfuscation methods that will harden your overall protection scheme and foil reverse engineering altogether. See more details below.

Protect .NET Assemblies

Protect your code and intellectual property. Compatible with all .NET Framework technologies included .NET Core, .NET Standard and Xamarin Forms.

License .NET Applications

Create Licenses for .NET Components and Applications. Hardware Locked Licenses (Computer Name, CPU ID, Ethernet Card, Hard Disk, Motherboard, BIOS).

Simple to use

Zprotect is designed to work out-of-the box, without requiring you to make advanced decisions about specific code elements or configure obfuscations in ways that do not increase security.


There are several ways to protect and obfuscate your .NET code against reverse-engineering. The features at a glance:

Symbols renaming

The simplest and the most effective approach to conceal this information is to make the names irrelevant to what happens inside the program. We will just make the names of all the symbols unreadable — when it is possible.

String encryption and compression

To hide this information, Zprotect substitutes the strings in your code with calls of special encryption functions, which render your strings perfectly at runtime, leaving them unreadable to an intruder.

Code and data virtualization

Our code virtualization technique translates your .NET byte code to a totally unrecognizable random-generated byte sequence, which still perfectly functions at runtime. In other words, each time you obfuscate your program, we generate a new custom virtual machine to work for you!

Code control flow obfuscation

Zprotect supports an advanced technique called control flow obfuscation, when the MSIL code gets replaced with functionally equivalent, but different instructions. Decompilers often crash on such code, so this may stop an intruder from trying to break into your assembly.

Assemblies merging and embedding

Zprotect merges or embeds assemblies for you in easy way: you need to add one line of code to your project, where you specify which assembly to mix in. We are responsible for all this to be done correctly and quietly — during the obfuscation process.

Debugging support

You can always get a line number where an unhandled exception appeared, view a readable stack trace, and even attach the debugger to walk through your obfuscated code.

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